Network Attached Storage is a simple method of sharing files over IP. WARP Mechanics has a robust solution for the mainstream NFS and SMB (aka CIFS) options, as well as a variety of lessor known protocols. WARP also considers iSCSI to be a NAS-class protocol, though it is block-based and not file-based.

NAS is not all things to all people. It is not a good fit for intra-datacenter applications, transactional database systems, or high-throughput HPC-style filesystems. This is due to the comparatively high overhead of TCP/IP plus NFS and CIFS.

However, when performance requirements are appropriate, NAS is a great way of solving shared storage problems with minimal effort.

With this in mind, WARP Mechanics supports a variety of WARPnas scalable solutions, from LNET & DLC gateways in HPC arenas, to scalable NAS appliances like the WARP 38000 series. In fact, all of our Unified Storage Appliances support all of the most popular NAS protocols.

This allows our customers to select the correct cost-to-performance ratio for connectivity on a system-by-system basis.