PipelinePro™ is a range of storage products optimized for video, effects, and sound production pipelines.

From capture through content distribution, WARP has products tailored and factory tuned for the unique IO profiles found in the Media/Entertainment sector. And these are offered at prices unheard of in the industry, up to and including a zero-dollar-up-front “storage as a service” model.


For example, take the WARP 38000 HybridMatrix.

You can start with just a few 10s of terabytes, and grow seamlessly to the peta-scale… without the cost and complexity of parallel filesystems. This design has proven itself in many M&E environments, like game companies and movie studios.

Running the WARPnas unified storage stack, a single HybridMatrix platform can deliver over 100Gbps of throughput, and scale to about 3PB in a single rack. Running a WARPhpc software solution, it can scale up to 100x that level.

But the real differentiator is the pipeline optimized factory build process

Each WARP platform can be ordered with tuning specific to a particular area of media capture, transcoding, editing, rendering, or distribution. The process includes selection of appropriate software, coupling this to application-optimal hardware, with all network and storage variables pre-tuned for the IO patterns unique to that stage of the pipeline. It’s all the benefits of a bespoke/custom solution, with the simplified acquisition and deployment model of an appliance.

For example, let’s say you have a HybridMatrix storing daily footage, and need “jog wheel” style playback of full HD content without jitter. Our platform will be factory tuned to ensure that all required content is aggressively cached onto SSD, so even if the bulk of the system uses low cost HDDs, the “daily review experience” will be equal to a pure SSD system.

Similarly, our content distribution system will cache content onto SSDs during the initial “high load” phase, and automatically age it out onto SATA HDDs when access changes to an “archival” IO pattern. No more complex and costly HSM software is required.

A note about pricing

These advanced products are delivered at price points normally only seen in the commodity storage arena. Yet, with our modern software and SSD hybrid code, the performance and scale exceed that of legacy systems like StorNext: A single rack of WARPnas gear can replace an entire room full of legacy gear, paying for itself on power/cooling savings alone. In fact, the annual support renewal cost of StorNext is typically higher than the entire system cost of a WARPnas appliance at similar scale.

WARP has also teamed up with Synnex Capital (NYSE: SNX) to offer the full portfolio of PipelinePro products via an on-site STorage as a Service model. With this approach, you can acquire any scale solution you want immediately, and locate it at your production facility… without any cash up front. It provides the same cost benefits as cloud storage, but without the massive security concerns, or high access latency.

With such a compelling technical solution, and no up-front cost, it’s hard to imagine why not to convert to PipelinePro today.

Whether you need 40TB or 40PB up front, WARP has something in the PipelinePro portfolio just right for you.  Contact us today to schedule a call with one of our senior engineers.