On-Officer Video Cameras

On-Officer Video Cameras

Across the country, law enforcement agencies are looking for ways to increase public support, reduce civilian complaints, improve service quality, and avoid costly lawsuits. On-officer body cameras are among the technologies being widely adopted to this end.

Many camera systems exist, but they all must reliably store and retain a large and rapidly growing volume of digital video footage. This is where WARP Mechanics comes in.

Popular body cams capture 10s of gigabytes of data per day, per device, ranging up to full HD resolution. This adds up quickly in a typical department. According to a Justice Department- funded report, data storage can be the most expensive aspect of deploying a body cam program. A Greenville, NC police chief was cited as saying storage costs “can be crippling” (USA Today, 20140912).

WARP Mechanics lowers this cost by combining enterprise- grade hardware with supported and proven open software. This eliminates the licensing fees that drive up the cost of legacy OEM storage. Additionally, WARP products are denser, so agencies get more storage per unit of data center space, which lowers power and cooling costs to operate the system.

Next, consider WARP IT Complete support. This allows WARP Mechanics’ world-class professionals to directly maintain and administer the system on a day-to-day basis, rather than just being called when there is a problem.

Such factors lower acquisition and maintenance costs, allowing law enforcement to focus on fighting crime rather than managing storage.

WARP Mechanics has a proven history of providing video storage for large scale Media and Entertainment sector customers. As such, WARP understands how to manage vast amounts of video data. The WARP unified storage products have advanced features specifically targeted to video, and scale from a few terabytes to petabytes in a single rack.

With features like snapshots, replication, and compression being built in at no extra cost, a WARP appliance makes the most out of purchased capacity and eases disaster protection. WARP has also integrated cloud storage connectors directly into the appliance. If you want data stored both locally and in the cloud or at a co-location facility, this can be set to happen automatically on a continual basis.

Most importantly, consider that video evidence is irrelevant at best if it is lost or becomes corrupt. With lives and reputations on the line, lost or corrupt footage is the last thing you want to explain in court.

With legacy RAID, there are technical flaws which can and almost certainly will corrupt or lose data in large systems. Write holes, silent data corruption, bit rot, and multiple simultaneous disk failures can result in suspect or outright missing data. In fact, today’s large data stores make such failure cases statistically inevitable.

ZFS ChecksumsTo prevent that, WARP Mechanics uses up to triple-parity protection – and copy-on-write – and block level checksums. This goes well past mere RAID. WARPware includes multi- layered protection for every block of data at every phase. Data is protected by ECC RAM, network checksums, RAID parity, and block-level checksums. If a single bit change occurs at any stage for any reason, it will be detected and corrected through background integrity checks.

Studies have shown that police body cams can reduce public complaints significantly. In turn, this reduces frivolous civil litigation and can save billions of dollars in claims. But this savings in departmental stress and cash is only possible if the data store is affordable, scalable, and reliable. Accordingly, WARP Mechanics supplies law enforcement and public safety agencies the highest levels of throughput, scale, and protection without breaking the bank.