WARP Mechanics integrated Lustre solutions (WARPfs) are ideal for use cases requiring the most efficient and highest performing storage architectures.

A key differentiator for WARP Mechanics is that all WARPfs appliances use ZFS on Linux + Lustre integrated code, developed in partnership with Lawrence Livermore National Lab. This code is powering most of the parallel storage at LLNL — approximately 100PB at the time of this writing — and truly massive amount of storage at other Top500 sites as well.

These Lustre appliance can be customized for any environment, from research high-performance computing (HPC), to commercial environments running the most demanding media/entertainment or engineering/scientific applications.

The are adaptable in capacity and performance to meet the most demanding IO profiles at any scale. Running these kinds of workloads, the WARP design provides a linear performance gain of ~8 Gigabytes per second per OSS shelf.

Using industry best practices, WARP Mechanics has been able to create turnkey systems which simplify many aspects of parallel filesystem technology. This allows you to focus on the work that matters to your organization, rather than spending all of your time caring for a storage system.

Solution Components

Metadata Server

The Metadata Server (MDS/MGS) solution in a WARPfs appliance stores file system metadata. It consists of two metadata controllers (active/active) using dual AP-2213/AP-3213 controllers.

Object Storage Server

User data is stored on each Object Storage Server shelf. The WARPfs active/active high availability cluster shelf consists of a two OSS nodes running on a 2u AP-2213/AP-3213 enclosure.

Available as MemoryMatrix, HybridMatrix, or StorageMatrix, this can provide up to 96TB of read cache with up to 96 Gigabytes per second SAS bandwidth in each enclosure. Depending on performance requirements, the OSS controller shelf can also be expanded using up to eight WDS-9460 SAS JBODs, thus providing a 4.8 petabytes per Scalable Storage Unit (SSU) rack.

Overall filesystem capacity scales beyond 70PB, with no theoretical upper limit.

WARPware Simplified Management

WARP Mechanics WARPware management interface allows for easy configuration of management capabilities. In addition, WARP Mechanics will configure all storage volumes at the factory prior to shipment, at no additional charge.

Integrated WARPnas Gateway Service

The WARPfs OSS image is optimized for HPC, where NFS is used as a gateway for non-WARPfs/Lustre clients over Ethernet networks. But unlike some other Lustre appliances, our image is a unified storage OS: every WARPfs OSS can also act as an NFS gateway: you no longer need separate platforms for each purpose.