IT architects require much larger building blocks to meet modern data growth rates. To access giant data sets, storage must also be faster in IOPS and throughput. The WARP Mechanics WDS-9460 fills these needs in an efficient, cost-effective package.

With up to sixty 3.5” or 2.5” drives per 4U enclosure, this platform is an ultra-dense solution, fitting up to 720TB of disk in just 4u, or 480TB of enterprise high-performance SSD. That’s up to 7PB raw capacity for a full cabinet.

The WDS-9460 is high-density, scalable, and cost-effective, offering 12Gbps SAS performance, high availability, and hot-swappable components. It is targeted at data centers needing a dense solution with HA, while maintaining a low power profile.

The platform supports redundant active/active 12Gbps SAS IO modules, allowing HA connections from hosts. It may connect to customer-provided servers via SAS cables, or act as a disk shelf for WARP Mechanics appliances to support WARPraid, WARPnas, and WARPhpc services such as the WARP 30000 and 40000 series appliances. 

With 4x x4 12Gbps High Density SAS ports, each JBOD can deliver up to 384Gbps (~48 Gigabytes per second) of throughput per chassis. Utilizing advanced HGST “helium” 12TB drive modules, the WDS-9460 can scale to 7PB per datacenter rack, providing 50% more capacity while using 54% less power with 25% more reliability compared to other enclosures with previous generation 8TB drives.

Features & Benefits

  • 60 integrated 3.5” drive modules
  • Host connectivity 4x SAS SFF-8644 receptacles per IO Module
  • Hot Swappable power & cooling modules, drive modules, and IO modules
  • Fully compliant with SAS 3.0 for up to 12Gbps per port
  • SCSI Enclosure Services (SES-3) compliant