In today’s datacenter, the need for high density and low cost archival and cold storage appliances is more important than ever. The WARP Mechanics® WDS-8496 Cold Storage Enclosure is a low cost bulk storage solution that simplifies the addition of archival and cold storage infrastructure to the datacenter.

With best-in-class density, and the use of low-cost archival 3.5” SATA drives, the WDS- 8496 provides an inexpensive solution for cold storage and archival applications. Each chassis can hold up to 578TB raw capacity using 6TB HDDs, in just 4u of rack space.

12G SAS connectivity provides excellent performance, and the enclosure features full SES 3.0 in-band enclosure management capabilities.

  • High density SATA cold storage and archive disk shelf
  • Full-featured 12 Gb/sec enclosure includes a SAS JBOD I/O controller module
  • Carrier-less, hot swappable SATA hard drive cage enhances ease of drive installation and servicing
  • Option to use SAS zoning within the enclosure to group SATA disks to different hosts
  • N+1 Hot-pluggable power modules and redundant, hot swappable cooling fans
  • Two SFF-8644 12Gb/sec SAS 3.0 ports support up to 48GBps bandwidth each
  • Daisy-chain expansion to additional SAS storage enclosures and hosts

Connecting external WARPware compute nodes such as the WDS-8460, WDS-8260, or AP-xxxx line of storage servers provides processing capabilities to for a complete cold storage or archival solution.

Serviceability is enhanced by the use of carrier-less hard drive insertion/removal, to simplify drive installation and maintenance while also still excellent performance for archive-style IO patterns.