With up to 60 2.5″ or 3.5″ drive modules per enclosure, the WARP Mechanics WDS-8460 is suitable for applications where density (TB/RU) and cost ($/TB) are paramount. Currently, it can be configured with as little as 20TB, or as much as 360TB per 4U shelf, depending on selected drive modules. That’s almost 4PB per rack today, with even higher densities planned.

Each enclosure supports either SAS expansion controllers, or CPU-based “smart” controllers which run the WARPware embedded storage operating system.

The WDS-8460 EBOD version is available with single or redundant SAS I/O modules providing multiple paths to the drive enclosure.

Similar to a JBOD or SBOD, an “Expanded Bunch of Disks” is an enclosure which allows numerous SAS and/or SATA drives to be connected to external interfaces via internal SAS expanders. The WDS-8460 may connect to up to four customer-provided servers via mini SAS ports, or act as an expansion enclosure for WARP storage products.Arapahoe-Controller

When  configured with the CPU-based controllers instead of EBOD I/O modules, the WDS-8460 becomes a true storage appliance. Running WARPware directly on these embedded controllers can create a fully unified Lustre OSS, Ceph OSD, NFS, SMB, iSCSI or SRP SAN RAID controller, and more. The configured volumes can be accessed by 1/10/40 Gb Ethernet, or 40/56 Gb Infiniband, to name just a few options.

Either way, the WDS-8460 is an ultra-dense space and power saving solution.

  • Up to 60 SAS/SATA drive modules per 4U enclosure (240TB w/ 4TB drives; 360TB w/ 6TB drives)
  • Single I/O controller option for low cost point; dual option for HA
  • Redundant power/fan modules and redundant AC power input
  • Four 24Gbps (4x6Gbps miniSAS) external interfaces per SAS I/O module
  • Flexible interface options such as Ethernet and Infiniband per CPU-based controller module
  • Hot-pluggable drives and power/cooling modules
  • SAS expansion to access additional WARP Mechanics drive shelves or servers