IT architects require larger building blocks to meet modern data growth rates without exceeding floorspace and environmental boundaries.

This requires denser storage platforms. With up to 60 high capacity SSDs per 2U enclosure, the WARP Mechanics WDS-8260 can fit almost 3 PB of pure SSD in a standard 19” cabinet.

But rack density isn’t enough. Effective access to giant data sets also requires increased performance: Storage must be much faster in terms of IOPS and throughput.

The WDS-8260 delivers on that as well: Up to tens of millions of IOPS per rack in typical analytics configurations, and hundreds of gigabytes per second per rack in throughput-centric configurations.


The WDS-8460 supports 6Gb SAS IO modules and intelligent storage controllers. The intelligent controllers include built-in 1Gb and 10Gb Ethernet ports, and options for 40Gbps Ethernet, 6Gb and 12Gb SAS, or 40/56Gbps FDR InfiniBand.

In addition to supporting Unified Storage solutions like NFS, SMB, iSCSI, and SRP, the platform also supports WARP’s advanced storage solutions. You can use it as a very fast and HA Lustre OSS, Ceph OSD, or meta data controller, for example.

Features & Benefits

  • Redundant feature-rich controllers
  • Up to 2.8PB per rack
  • Up to 60x SSD modules per enclosure
  • Enterprise RAS (reliability, availability, & serviceability)
  • Hot-plug drives, controllers, and power / cooling FRUs


  • >10GB/s in dual JBOD SAS controller configuration


  • Dual hot plug-able WARPraid/WARPnas controllers
  • Up to 24GB/s burst, 12GB/s sustained (dual controller)
  • Interface options: 1/10/40 Gbps Ethernet 40/56 Gbps FDR