IT architects require much larger building blocks to meet modern data growth rates. To access such giant data sets, storage must also be faster in terms of IOPS and throughput. The WARP Mechanics WDS-2490 fills these needs in an efficient, cost- effective package for hyper-scale capacity in a high-density footprint.  

Optimized for the absolute highest capacity storage applications, the WDS-2490 supports 90x 3.5″ SAS3/SATA3 hard drives in hot-swappable top-loading drive bays. The top-loading design optimizes HDD signal trace routing, and an improved HDD carrier to dampen vibrations and maximize performance.

The WDS-2490 features dual hot-swappable expander modules with four mini SAS HD ports per module. It may connect to customer-provided servers via SAS cables, or act as a disk shelf for WARP Mechanics appliances to support WARPraid, WARPnas, and WARPhpc services such as the WARP 30000 and 40000 series appliances.

With 8x x4 12Gbps High Density SAS ports, each JBOD can deliver up to 384 Gbps (48 Gigabytes per second) of throughput per chassis. With advanced 10TB drive modules, the WDS-2490 can scale up to 9PB per datacenter rack.

Equipped with 4x 1000W (N+1) redundant high-efficiency power supplies and five high-speed, low-vibration, hot-swappable cooling fans, the WDS-2490 is a reliable and hassle-free storage system. There are several LEDs in the enclosure to keep you informed of the status of the system overall, as well as the activity and health of components. In addition, the redundant BMC provides remote power control and system monitoring via IPMI.

Features & Benefits

  • Extreme High Density and Capacity Dual-path Storage Enclosure
  • 90 x 3.5/2.5” SAS3 12Gb/s Hot-swap HDDs
  • Dual hot-swap IO Modules w/ four mini SAS HD ports per module
  • Redundant BMC for remote monitoring
  • High Performance up to 20+ GB/s transfer rate
  • SES 3.0 compliant
  • HDD Zoning and individual HDD power cycling