WARP 44000 Series

WARP 44000 Series

The WARP Mechanics 44000 series is a turnkey storage appliance for Microsoft Windows™ customers, providing Scale Out File Services using Storage Spaces and Failover Clustering in Windows environments. These appliances are a cost-effective, efficient, and resilient solution that can scale from basic NAS systems to large datacenter environments for physical and virtual workloads.

The series is available in a variety of fully integrated configurations using high-capacity HDD, performance intensive SSD, and maximum write IO non-volatile RAM modules. Using the power of Storage Spaces technology, the appliances deliver sophisticated storage virtualization capabilities through storage pools that can combine hard disks and solid-state drives in the same pool. Hybrid pools use automated tiering to move frequently accessed data to faster storage, and write caching to buffer small random writes. These pools are easily expanded dynamically by just adding drives, allowing customers to start with as little as 40TB and grow to over 4PB in a single datacenter rack.

  • Resilient storage via two- and three-way mirroring, and multi-level parity
  • Active-Active file shares through all controllers for SMB 3.0 clients with transparent failover
  • Automatic rebalancing by tracking clients per share, instead of per controller
  • Continuous availability pools are clustered across all controllers within a single appliance
  • Storage tiers and advanced caching combines the best attributes of SSDs and HDDs
  • Operational simplicity through standard management interfaces: WMI, PowerShell, and Server Manager
  • Multitenancy administration through access control lists (ACLs) and delegated on a per-pool basis

This combination provides industry-leading high-performance, scalable, reliable, and flexible storage for business-critical deployments, all at a fraction of the cost of competing arrays. Primarily based on the WDS-9460 platform, three versions have been developed to optimize solutions for different customer vertical and horizontal markets:

WARP 44000-S systems optimize for low cost vs. high capacity density. You can store more data in a smaller floor-tile footprint for less cost.

WARP 44000-M systems have a purpose-built, pure memory architecture. This gives you the best cost vs. IOPS density and performance. You can support metrics such as: more database operations, VDI users, or analytics queries, per footprint and dollar spent. Even though it is the most advanced pure flash system on the market, it tends to cost less than legacy OEMs charge for 1990s-style disk solutions.

WARP 44000-H is the cost/performance balanced system. It uses SSD and/or NV-RAM modules to create a multi-TB scale cache. If you have a subset of data which is highly active, vs. a larger, less active set, as many verticals do, then the hybrid solution can provide pure SSD performance with close to pure disk density and price.

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