WARP 41001-S Storage Matrix

WARP 41001-S Storage Matrix

The WARP 41001-S is an ultra-dense scale-out storage appliance for HPC environments that deliver the power, scale, and performance needed to support Big Data for organizations of every size without breaking the bank.

Integrating the advanced WARPfs file system on enterprise class hardware, a WARP 41001-S is ideally suited for high capacity applications, where access patterns are weighted towards “write-mostly” I/O, near line backup, or online archive. Available in several hardware configurations to optimize the appliance for diverse customer workloads, when configured for maximum scalability, it can hold as much as 7.2PB raw in a single rack. That’s over 5.4PB usable space, with double parity protection.

Running the WARPware storage operating system, it integrates the scale and performance of Lustre with the integrity and reliability of ZFS.

The WARP Mechanics 41000-S features:

  • Optimized for high capacity, moderate workloads
  • Ultra-dense: up to 90x HDDs per enclosure
  • Pay as you grow starting from 48TB
  • Maximum 5.4PB+ usable with RAID6 (~7.2PB raw) per rack
  • Turnkey deployment & Enterprise support and service
  • >20K IOPS per shelf