WARP 41001-M Memory Matrix

WARP 41001-M Memory Matrix

The WARP Mechanics 41001-M is a turnkey HPC system providing non-volatile RAM + SSD with industry-leading price, performance, and scalability.

41000-MDS_SMC4_600The system maximizes the IOPS performance for the most demanding application profiles, such as HPC metadata control. It is optimal for large-scale IO-intensive workloads with large live data sets. It’s intelligent controllers can be configured for an MDS/MGS role or as a low-latency OSS/OST role.

24x high capacity SSD modules per enclosure may be configured into any valid style of RAID volume, to optimize price vs. performance vs. data protection for any environment. Each head unit may optionally have SSD, NVMe, or NV-RAM modules  to give the highest read and write performance for analytics applications. These RAID sets are added to the overall ZFS storage pool, and therefore can be allocated to a nearly limitless number of volumes of any size.

The WARP 41001-M system is available in the AP-2214 platform, or in the all new AP-2224-JS24. Either way, customers can enjoy benefits such as:

  • Up to 24 high capacity SSD modules per enclosure
  • Up to 4 NVMe drives per controller
  • Up to 3PB in a single datacenter rack
  • Built in compression and deduplication which can more than double effective capacity
  • IOPS from 500k to 2M per shelf, depending on selection options