WARP 41001-H Hybrid Matrix

WARP 41001-H Hybrid Matrix

The WARP 41001-H is a series of ultra-dense scale-out storage appliances for HPC environments that deliver power, scale, and performance. They support HPC and Big Data workloads for organizations of every size.

Integrating the advanced WARPfs Lustre over ZFS file system on enterprise class hardware, a WARP 41001-H is ideally suited for mixed performance applications, which combine read- and write-intensive data onto one appliance.

Available in several hardware configurations, the series allows optimizing a design for many customer workloads and scalability levels. When configured for maximum scalability, it can hold as much as 7.2PB raw in a single rack. That’s over 5.4PB usable space, even with double parity protection, plus up to 96TB of SSD cache and up to 3TB of DRAM cache for transparent IO acceleration.

It is optimal for large scale IO intensive workloads, in which some portion of the data set is much more active vs. other portions. This is often referred to as a “working data set”. 10s of TBs of data can be kept in cache, to support very large working sets and even larger nearline data sets. This is incredibly valuable in various business analytics and scientific/engineering verticals.

The WARP Mechanics 41001-H features:

  • Optimized for high-capacity mixed workloads
  • Pay as you grow starting from 40TB + 2TB cache
  • Maximum 5.4PB+ usable with RAID6 (~7.2PB raw) per SSU rack
    • 10s of PBs per filesystem
  • Maximum 96TB high-performance SSD
  • Turnkey deployment & Enterprise support and service
  • Integrated Lustre+ZFS features
  • IOPS from 500k to 2M in cached read and write combinations, depending on selected options