WARP 38002-H Hybrid Matrix

WARP 38002-H Hybrid Matrix

The WARP 38002-H storage appliance is a series of unified file+block network-attached storage systems with industry-leading price, performance, and scalability.

Built with the latest Intel Xeon processor Scalable family the WARP 38002 is designed for performance with high scalability and resiliency with no I/O compromise, and supports a wide range of existing and emerging workloads for ultimate performance and scalability. It is ideally suited for mixed performance applications, which combine read- or write- intensive data onto a system which also hosts less active data.

When configured for maximum scalability, it can hold as much as 7.2PB raw in a single rack. That’s over 5.4PB usable space, even with double parity protection, plus up to 192TB of SSD cache and up to 3TB of DRAM cache for transparent IO acceleration.

Running powerful WARPnas software, the redundant “head unit” controllers support protocols such as NFS, CIFS/SMB, iSCSI, iSER, SRP, and FTP. The “all inclusive” license supports numerous features for monitoring and reporting, mirroring, up to triple parity erasure code RAID protection, block-level checksums to prevent silent data corruption, copy on write, unlimited snapshots, replication for disaster recovery and remote site backups, deduplication, transparent compression, and thin provisioning.

Optimal for large scale IO intensive workloads, in which the working set data is much more active vs. other portions, 10s of TBs of data can be kept in cache, to support very large working sets and even larger nearline data sets. This is incredibly valuable in various media/entertainment and scientific/engineering verticals.

The WARP Mechanics 38002-H features:

  • Optimized for high-capacity mixed performance workloads
  • Pay as you grow starting from 48TB + 2TB cache
  • Maximum 5.4PB+ usable with RAID6 (~7.2PB raw) per rack
  • Maximum 192TB high-performance SSD
  • Supports NFS, SMB, iSCSI, iSER, SRP, FTP, and more
  • Turnkey deployment & Enterprise support and service
  • IOPS from 500k to 2M in cached read and write combinations, depending on selected options