WARP 38001-M Memory Matrix

WARP 38001-M Memory Matrix

The WARP 38001-M is an ultra-dense all-flash unified storage appliance (file/block) ideally suited for extreme performance applications where access patterns are weighted towards streaming I/O, big data analytics, or virtualization.


The system maximizes the IOPS performance for the most demanding application profiles. It is optimal for large-scale IO intensive workloads with large live data sets.

Redundant controllers may contain up to 36 cores in dual high-speed Intel Broadwell processors, up to 1.5TB RAM, and each chassis holds 12-24 drive slots capable of housing read-optimized SSD or NVMe devices, depending on customer requirements. That’s 3TB of RAM and 96TB of read-accelerating cache in a maximum 2-node HA configuration. When configured for maximum performance, each 2U shelf can deliver over 1M IOPS and over 100Gbps of network throughput.

Behind the controller nodes sit up to 16x all-flash storage shelves for a maximum capacity of 3.0 petabytes of high-capacity, low-latency SSD modules to achieve extreme write and read performance. With dual-parity protection, this still yields more than 2.2 petabytes of usable space.

  • Optimized for performance sensitive workloads
  • Pay as you grow starting from 24TB
  • Typical 600TB+ usable with RAID6 (~768TB raw) per rack
  • Maximum 2.2PB+ usable (~3.0PB raw) with high-cap SSDs
  • Supports NFS, SMB, iSCSI target mode, and FTP
  • Turnkey deployment & Enterprise support and service
  • Built in compression and deduplication which can more than double effective capacity
  • IOPS from 500k to 2M per shelf, depending on selection options