AP-3245 Series

AP-3245 Series

The WARP Mechanics AP-3245 series of application platforms deliver power and performance at peak efficiency in a multi-node 2U server form factor that features the energy-efficient dual Intel® Xeon® processor Scalable family. Ideal for use in hyperconverged, data analytics, storage, cloud, and high-performance computing applications, the AP-3245 family maximizes memory and processor bandwidth to meet demanding compute use requirements.

Each AP-3245 can hold up to four full-featured application-processing platform canisters sourced through authorized suppliers to show traceability of supply chain with the Intel® Transparent Supply Chain to establish accountability of manufacturing and fight counterfeit components and malware.


Built with the latest Intel Xeon processor Scalable family, the AP-3245 unit may contain up to 48 processor cores and 1 TB of RAM per canister, or 192 cores and 4TB memory per 2U chassis. This system architecture is designed for performance with high scalability and resiliency with no I/O compromise, and supports a wide range of existing and emerging workloads. Depending on requirements, customers can take advantage of a number of key processor advancements such as integrated Intel QAT, AVX-512, Omni-Path Architecture, and 10G Ethernet with RDMA, backed by Intel’s design excellence to deliver processing power with high levels of flexibility, manageability, and reliability.

Customers may choose platform models with four (PA04) or twelve (PS12) 3.5” hot-swap drive bays, or twenty-four (PS24) 2.5” slots on the front of the chassis. Also available is the PS24N8 model that supports either 24x SAS drives or 24x SAS plus 8x NVMe SSD drives (2x NVMe per module). For larger configurations, combine the AP-3245 with any WARP Mechanics storage platforms such as the ultra-dense WDS-9460 JBODs, which can scale to over six petabytes (6PB) per rack.