WARP Mechanics Ltd. (WARP) is a leading provider of enterprise-grade storage solutions based on ZFS on Linux. Systems are optimized for various roles, such as Enterprise NAS and SAN, vs. high performance computing (HPC), or Object Storage, or Archive, or DR.

Each WARP product is also factory-optimized for vertical markets such as public-sector “Big Science”, commercial Bio/Life, Cloud, or Media/Entertainment, and can be rolled out in a turn-key fashion. Yet a WARP appliance is still capable of immense customization on site.

All appliances are built on solid “five nines” hardware, sourced from manufacturing partners used by major OEMs. This maintains top quality across all appliance categories. This hardware runs the WARPware stack: management tools plus storage software like WARPnas, WARPhpc, WARPobject, WARPfs, and WARPraid.Fotolia_17417767_S-crop

WARPfs is based on Intel’s Lustre: the fastest and most scalable “big data” file system in the world. Lustre-derived solutions are used by almost all major super computers, including the Top500 Sequoia computer at Laurence Livermore National Labs, and Titan at Oak Ridge National Lab. Customers can now enjoy the benefits of a super computer storage solution in a turn-key package. With WARPfs, it is no longer necessary to chose between power vs. ease of use.

Whether you need a small turn-key NFS server, or a scale-out system to deliver 10s of petabytes of data at a Terabyte per second, the WARP Mechanics portfolio has a product just right for you.