WARP Mechanics (“WARP”) is a great place to work.

On the one hand, we expect a lot from our people. If we offer you a full time salary, you will get a full time workload — at least.

On the other hand, we offer unique benefits to employees. 100% telecommute means you don’t need to sit in a car or cubicle all day. Because of our HPC focus, you get to work with some of the world’s largest super computers and corporations. Plus, our stock offering is generous even by Silicon Valley standards.

Next, consider that WARP and other open storage vendors are revolutionizing the storage industry. Being a part of that will give you great resume credit, and is something of which you can actually be proud. We’re a for-profit company, but even so… we’re the good guys.

However, WARP is very particular about who we hire, and we deliberately don’t hire many people.

Most of the work done on our products is outsourced. WARP does the “heavy hitter” intellectual property work using employees, then hires external contractors and corporations to provide the “bulk” workforce. So if you don’t consider yourself to be a heavy hitter, it may not be worth the time to apply.

Our “core team” of full time employees are expected to be “best of the best” within their areas of expertise, and be able to coordinate with multiple external organizations to leverage their contributions. Every employee at WARP manages external contracts with Fortune 500 scale partners: even a new hire individual contributor will have the equivalent power of a Director or VP at most other companies.

To inquire about our open positions, please email us your resume, and salary history and requirements. We need to receive this in Microsoft Word format. Put “job application” into the subject line.

We actually don’t care about your degree or other “paper” qualifications. If you have a PhD, that’s an interesting side note… but mainly we want to know what you have actually done in your career, and what you think you can do for WARP. So focus on real world accomplishments and qualifications, and references, rather than on certifications/degrees.

Recruiting and Staffing Firms

WARP does not accept unsolicited resumes from any source other than directly from candidates. Resumes will only be accepted from a recruiting firm if a signed agreement is in place with that firm ahead of time.

An unsolicited resume sent to WARP from a recruiter does not constitute any type of relationship between the recruiter and WARP. As such, the resume and any associated information will be deemed the property of our company, and will not obligate WARP to any fees or form any relationships with the recruiter, whether we hire the candidate or not.

If you are a recruiter and want to form a relationship, email us your contract and references. Put “recruiter application” into the subject line.