Adding Simplicity and Integrity to the Most Popular HPC File System

Adding Simplicity and Integrity to the Most Popular HPC File System

The WARP Mechanics 41000 Matrix Series open storage appliances deliver the power, scale, and cost-model needed to support data science and analytics efforts to give businesses the edge they need to stay competitive.

WARP Mechanics has simplified Lustre deployment into a turnkey, scalable storage appliance, while retaining the flexibility of a customized solution. The WARP 41000 series of appliances combine storage servers and targets into a tightly-integrated package making it easy to deploy in a modular fashion. These appliances can be rolled out quickly, then tailored as needed to meet customer-specific requirements.

Using the WARPfs file system enhanced with ZFS on Linux + Lustre integrated code, developed in partnership with Lawrence Livermore National Lab and other public and private entities, these appliances add the data integrity and enterprise features missing from traditional Lustre systems. This code is powering most of the parallel storage at LLNL — approximately 100PB at the time of this writing — and truly massive amount of storage at other Top500 sites as well.

WARP 41000_scale

Each WARP 41000 appliance is available in Storage-, Hybrid-, and MemoryMatrix configurations customizable for any environment, from research high-performance computing (HPC), to commercial environments running the most demanding media/entertainment or engineering/scientific applications.

Built on the WDS-7224, WDS-9460. and WDS-2490 storage platforms, these systems easily scale up and scale out to massive capacity and performance, while occupying a fraction of the physical and environmental footprint of solutions required by legacy OEM products.

Once again, WARP Mechanics has set a new standard in the industry: No other HPC storage system can match the cost, features, density, and performance of the WARP 41000 appliance architecture.

If your firm is contemplating a scalable HPC solution, contact WARP Mechanics today to find out how to buy this and other best-in-class solutions.