ORNL selects WARP for CERN project

ORNL selects WARP for CERN project

Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL) is the top ranked super computing site in the USA. They have a contract to process data related to the CERN ALICE project.

Given the high profiles of ORNL and CERN (a.k.a. “the Higgs Boson” guys), it was quite a compliment when they selected WARP Mechanics to provide the peta-scale storage solution for the system.

The solution we devised was a highly customized WARP 38000 Hybrid NAS system.

The primary customization is that we integrated CERN’s storage protocols into our HPC storage operating system. This makes the WARP OS the only enterprise class storage system which implements the CERN software natively. Other storage vendors would require external “CERN servers” to do the same job that we can now do within our controllers.

The system also implements ZFS as an underlying protection layer, which is the only open storage solution that protects against all known forms of silent data corruption. This gives the ORNL/CERN teams the peace of mind of knowing that any data they read back from the system is the same data they wrote originally: a promise that surprisingly few storage vendors can make.

Integrating CERN software natively with ZFS on WARP hardware provided ORNL with the simplest, easiest to manage, and least costly approach to this high-scale challenge.