WARP Mechanics is pleased to announce general availability of the WDS-9224 JBOF: a native 12Gbps SAS pure SSD solution for the highest performance storage systems.

A “just a bunch of flash” device (JBOF) is similar to a “just a bunch of disks” enclosure… except optimized for 100% SSD workloads.

This system can deliver nearly 4 PB of raw pure flash capacity per standard data center rack. This can deliver 10s of millions of IOPS in a single rack.

It is ideally suited for high density environments which require high performance, reliability, and availability. WARP typically deploys it as the meta data layer in large high performance computing filesystems, or as a standalone analytics storage array.

For more information about the JBOD or about WARP appliances which use it, please contact us today.