Announcing: Bar raised on flash performance, features, density, & price

Announcing: Bar raised on flash performance, features, density, & price

WARP Mechanics is pleased to announce general availability of the industry’s leading flash storage appliance lineup. The new offering brings affordable high-capacity shared SSD systems to the next level.

The original WARP 38000-M MemoryMatrix was already a compelling pure SSD appliance. It offered 120TB in a 4u single shelf, capable of expanding to over a petabyte per datacenter cabinet.

But now, the WDS-8260 platform joins the MemoryMatrix portfolio. With a 2U form factor, it provides nearly 3PB of flash per cabinet today, with an upgrade path to 5PB+ per cabinet later this year. With deduplication and compression included at no additional charge, these already-high capacities can potentially double.


The WDS-8260 was purpose-built for SSD: it doubles the capacity and performance density compared to the previous platform, lowers IO latency, and improves hardware reliability.

And yet, unlike other pure flash systems, this platform maintains the reliability, availability, serviceability, and feature rich storage OS that customers expect from disk-based enterprise storage today. For example, servicing SSD modules is handled in largely the same way that customers are used to servicing disks. This makes the WDS-8260 easy to understand and maintain.

Under common read intensive analytics configurations, each appliance can exceed 2M IOPS: far higher IOPS per RU than all competing systems anywhere near its price range. A full rack would run at 10s of millions of IOPS.Arapahoe-Controller

But the real differentiator is in the smart controller modules.

The WARP 38000-M controllers don’t just provide “me too” features such as fast block IO. In addition, they run the complete WARPware Unified Storage stack. It is feature rich – delivering thin provisioning, deduplicaiton, snapshots, replication, and more. Plus, it can run advanced storage applications directly within the array: NFS, SMB, IP or Infiniband SAN, Lustre, Ceph, Hadoop, and Swift, just to name a few.

Once again, WARP Mechanics has set a new standard in the industry: No other flash storage system can match the cost, features, density, and performance of the MemoryMatrix appliance architecture, running on the new WDS-8260 platform.

If your firm is contemplating a read or write optimized pure SSD solution, contact WARP Mechanics today to find out how to buy this and other best-in-class solutions.