12TB Enterprise SAS helium drives are GA

12TB Enterprise SAS helium drives are GA

WARP Mechanics is happy to announce general availability of high capacity JBODs and complete storage systems based on the HGST 12TB PMR Enterprise Helium SAS drives.

Put succinctly: This is the “good stuff”, but with 20% more capacity, higher reliability, and better performance.

Our industry-leading JBODs can now store up to ~7PB per rack before compression and deduplication, or as much as ~5PB per rack with a full compliment of high speed storage controllers.

This class of drive is available in products such as the WDS-9460 JBOD, as well as full-scale WARPnas, WARPhpc, WARPraid, and WARPobject appliances.

The full data sheet PDF is available here:

HGST HE12 TB_ds-small