Next Gen Small Form Factor Storage WARP Mechanics is pleased to announce GA of the industry's leading small form factor storage appliance lineup: the WARP 26200 "Cube" series. The offering brings fast, feature-rich, scalable shared disk and SSD systems to the next level.more

Announcing: PipelinePro for Media WARP Mechanics Ltd. (“WARP”) is pleased to announce an early access program for the new PipelinePro (TM) portfolio. PipelinePro is a range of storage products optimized for video, effects, and sound production pipelines. From capture through content distribution, WARP has products specifically tailored and factory tuned for the unique IO profiles found in the Media/Entertainment […]more

Announcing: On-Prem STorage as a Service Program All full scale WARP Mechanics solutions are eligible for WARP’s new on premises STorage as a Service (STaaS) program. Like cloud storage, this allows customers to procure storage, related infrastructure, software, break-fix services, and managed care, as a monthly metered service: no money up front, and only pay for what you use. But superior to […]more

Demystifying: Defragmentation in Single-user vs. Multi-user Systems BLOG: By WARP Mechanics’ CTO. Recently, one of my friends in Europe sent me this link, regarding a Windows bug that causes it to defrag SSDs: [link] He wondered how Linux in general, and WARP Mechanics in particular, dealt with this. My response follows. — > […] I trust Linux that it has been able […]more

Woeful Trends in Legacy Storage Recent earnings reports from legacy storage vendors have shown companies struggling to compete. OEM storage sales are down overall — “in free fall” according to some sources — despite the overall storage market being in a high growth state. This has been widely reported via many mainstream analyst firms.more

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